WD Photos not working

Help, i can’t acces my MyBook World (white edition) on my iPad. Monet Login can’t find the Domain (-1001). It seems the the Mionet stopped. This would be the last time a buy an WD drive.


Are you trying to access the drive using the WD Photos app? or trying to access the My book world through Mionet?

Have you tried resetting the unit?

Also have you tried reinstalling the app?

Hello mr ERmorel,

Thanks for your quick response. I have installed the app again. By opening the app, its start with MioNet Login.
After typing my name and password I recieve the message: “WD Photos Domain not found (-1001)”


Login on my Mac and then go to the basic mode, Mionet does not response.
I recieve the message: can’t connect to the server, because "https://mionet.senvid.net/mioNetWeb/getMioNetWeb.do https://mionet.senvid.net/mioNetWeb/getMioNetWeb.do” does not response