No more answers and help from WD Staff


MCHome Duo was advertised for users with little knowledge about NAS Servers and so on. I found it quite difficult to get the most out of my MCH Duo, and I consider myself not a beginner.

The online support is not very transparant. The knowledge based documents are very difficult to find. The WD Staff that assist in the MCH community, do not give adaquate answers and do not respond anymore.

I use following apps to reach my MCH

  • WD Discovery desktop app
  • Mobile app
  • Internet Browser App (latest version Firefox)

I use my MCH to

  • backup fotos from android
  • synchronise Desktop PC and MCH
  • Plex
  • Windows 10 File History backup

Because no one can help me online I am hoping to receive support this way. Here are my questions/remarks as follows

  • Why can I not set up MCH connection type on my home PC to local? The home PC is connected via a 1000MB LAN to Router to MCH. My mobile phone via Wireless LAN has a local connection. My Laptop via Wireless LAN has also a local connection. My router is set up for UPnP and Fritzbox 7580 supports UPnP.

  • Why is KDD using all my bandwidth. When I logoff the Deskop App it goes back to normal…why?

  • Using the WIN10 file history backup, backing up to the MCH Public folder, 33GB only needed approx. 30mins. Syncing the same folders with MCH takes forever. Why?

  • When deinstalling the desktop app and re-installing the desktop app (hoping that the bandwidth would be better), does MCH make new library folders with “Fotos (1)” Music (1)" and so on? Why can´t MCH check that library folders already exist on the MCH?

I hope to get satisfactory support. Please help!

Kind regards


I have a MCH and PR4100.
Here’s my guess

  • I don’t think the connection modes can be manually configured or changed by the end user.
  • Constant desktop sync traffic? When you sign out, sync traffic stops because the drive is no longer mounted.
  • Public is Windows Samba and the data transfer to MCH is through the desktop app that uses CBFS.
    Two different transfer layers, protocols and processes. Also, stuff in the Public folder don’t have thumbnails and cannot be access remotely.
  • Looks like “resume sync” isn’t supported

Hi Socallinux,

thanks very much for your reply.

I still have a question about the desktop sync traffic. All my stuff has been mounted long ago…there is nothing to mount no more. Is that also normal for MCH?

Br Richy

@anon30240336 from my understanding, Desktop Sync uses open source SyncThing and is “constant sync” which means there’s constant communication and traffic between the MCH and My Computer checking for file changes.

@socallinux yes I understand that there must be a “little” constant traffic to monitor MCH and PC. But like I said all the files are mounted (approx. 30 GB). I have 8 GB (and more) traffic when the PC is not being used. Logging off from WD Discovery discovery app, all is very calm again. The high traffic wasn´t always the case. After some sort of update from WD it started…maybe I should re-install WD Discovery…which leads to another question…

…can I use SyncThing alone to sync MCH and PC?

I recommend that you create a open a case with WD Support.

Please provide the Make and Model of the computer and Operating System.

WD Discovery Version

Open WD Discovery, Click the Gear icon, WD Discovery Version and the My Cloud Desktop Version.

Also, we need the “kdd” process.

Open the Task Manager, right click the System Tray and choose Task Manager.

How many folders are activated or set to Sync? Please provide examples of screen shots and files / sizes.

Also, the type of content (IE: documents, RAW images, CAD files, etc…).

Please collect the following Logs:

How to Collect WD Discovery My Cloud Home Desktop App Logs

collect the WD Discovery .wdc logs.

How to Collect WD Discovery Software Logs

Collect the My Cloud Home Debug logs.

How to Collect My Cloud Home Debug Logs

@wdsal, thanks for responding.

I will get in touch as soon as I have re-installed WD Discovery on my PC.

It may take a while because I need to mount 33 GB.

Br Richy