App sync issue

I have had a 2tb my cloud home for just over a year and I have never had any issues with it until recently.

I use the phone app to sync the pictures off my phone, the sync always used to be up to date but now whenever I go into the app it says there are over 9,000 files to sync. I let it run and the number of files to sync reduces but when I come back to the app the figure is back over 9,000 again.

When I look at the drive, it seems to be up to date with my latest photos so I am not sure if this is an issue with the app?

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Thank you

Try to sync using a ‘local’ or ‘direct’ connection. You may think you have ‘local’ but your router UpNP may not be talking ‘local’ with the MCH. You can’t have ‘local’ if you are using the guest WiFi network for example, it will fall to slow ‘relay’.

You may also be on the edge of the size of library that the MCH mobile app could handle in sycning - who knows if WD has tested it beyond 10,000 files for example.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have checked and my connection is showing as being local. Is there a way to try changing it or checking it is correct?

I have a mesh network set up at home but from what I can see everything is set up correctly.

WD MCH mobile app sync is just based on Syncthing, but without all the features opened to users. This ‘reset database’ is what Syncthing sometimes needs when it encounters an error, which may be what is happening. There is probably nothing a MCH user can do other than clear cache or reinstall the mobile app and/or delete sync folder on the MCH. Do a backup of the sync folder first of course if needed.

5.6. Troubleshooting

Some times you may encounter database error and Syncthing will refuse to sync the files between devices. In such cases, you can forcibly rescan files and resync the database using the following command:

$ syncthing -reset-database

Thank you so much for your help. I cleared cache, deleted data and started again and it took a few goes but is up to date now :+1:

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Thanks for reporting back with your findings.