Does the My Cloud App also Sync?

I’ve got the MyCloud Home installed. Seems okay. Just checked today and noted that new photos I have taken on my Pixel since installation have been uploaded to the MyCloud Home. That’s nice. But there are many pictures now on my phone that I probably need to delete. I am not sure what happens when I delete an image from the phone. Is there a way to have the same image deleted from the phone to also be deleted from the MCH? I can foresee a lot of file maintenance activity ahead for me.

Hi @Oldpilot ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

No…I did open a support case. I did not know that I had a troubleshooting problem. My question was intended to ask whether sync was a feature of MCH. If it is a feature/capability, and my device won’t do it, then I might have a troubleshooting problem.

How about this. Does any other user of MCH find that they are able to delete pictures on their mobile phone and notice that the same image will be automatically deleted on the MCH device?

Yes, this has always been a feature of the My Cloud Home app, but it has always been a one way sync or one way import. What you are asking is two way sync, which has never been supported. This is well described in the Knowledge Base where they talked about cloud import, but it applies similarly to syncing to the My Cloud Home storage.

About Cloud Sync and Social Media Import

Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos is a One-Way Import
Content added, deleted, or changed using or Mobile App will NOT import changes.
Files and folders in Google Drive that are shared will not import.