How good is the MCH duo for plex then?

heya everyone,

so looking at the duo for plex use and like to know peoples opinions on it please and if works for them?

id be using mine in JBOD mode as will have an external backup for it… i believe this android os my cloud device uses JBOD but in spanning mode is this correct?

love to hear how users are getting on with plex with this device :slight_smile:

Streaming local and remote works fine for everything that I’ve done so far.
My only complaint is the Plex version on MCH will not allow me to create my own libraries and filters.
Everything must be manually moved into the preconfigured Plex folders. Not a problem for mp3 or movies but a huge problem for iOS Phone backups that contain family photo and video content.

thank you @socallinux for the reply :slight_smile:

currently got one of these not to play around with and test out for plex as its only for the family so want them to have something easy that i can log into from my end so can upload new files for plex for them

i see what you mean though by the way wd have asked plex to make this app so it locks to certain folders which is not good news for a user like yourself :frowning:

for me its ok as only be using tv shows and movies but can see the frustration for others who want to keep there media organised