No longer can access My Cloud EX2 (MacOS)

Well I just upgraded the Mac to Mojave 10.14.3 and the connection to shares on the Mac no longer work. For 2 years everything worked fine. My Cloud EX2 is at 2.11.178, WD Discovery is V3.2.263, My Cloud Desktop is V2.1.0.237. After searching around I have not a clue what to try to resolve issue.

The Safari My Cloud Desktop connects fine and all settings are unchanged.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as the data access is critical.

Thank You,


Can you reach the files via FTP ?
If you have access to the UI, you seem to have control over the device, and should be able to enable FTP access.
I would assume that you are right now accessing (or rather NOT accessing) the files via NFS or AFP, so it may be practical to try another access method. OSX should still have FTP, even if it is a little outdated

Yes it was setup using AFP which I have two shares setup. One is Time Machine, one is a file folder. I think FTP is read only so I used AFP to setup local drive for time Machine and finder.


Well, then use FTP access until you have found a resolution :slight_smile:

Time Machine backup does not work with read only access. :frowning:

Well I finally got the MyCloud EX to work properly. I literally uninstalled all of the WD software and rebooted. Then I attached both the TimeMachine and the File folder using AFP:// (Local IP address) in the go connect to server tab of finder and all was fine. I am thinking that some of the WD MacOS software was having issues under the latest MacOS Ver 10.14.3.

Thanks all