No HD Audio 24/96 or 24/192 using HDMI to SPDIF Extractor with WDTV Live Streaming

I am trying to play 24/96 and/or 24/192 FLAC files but without success.  I am aware that WDTV will not sent it trough SPDIF and I bought HDMI to SPDIF Audio Extractor:


My setup

  1. WD–>RCA portable DVD
  2. WD–>HDMI -->  HDMI to SPDIF Audio Extractor—> SPDIF  Simaudio 100d DAC
  3. I updated WDTV with the latest firmware .

My problem is when I play 24/192, LED 192 on the DAC blinks but returns immediately to 48. Wonder if problem is WDTV audio output setup and what I could try.

I setup audio output to digital pass through via HDMI only, but I can hear sound on both RCA and DAC.  

Also if I disconnect my optical cable Extractor and hook it up directly WDTV to DAC I am hearing sound from the DAC.

Is normal to have audio on all three outputs.


Hi jptr330,

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Using the spdif output and setting to “digital passthrough” it is possible for me  to play  flac files 24bit with 48khz and 24bit with 96 kHz. 192 is not possible.

I asked WD support for the output rate, they answered that at the optical out it would be always the original file rate.

Perhaps there is a downsampling, I cannot check it 100%.

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Try reading this excellent article

Thank for the replies,

I just wanted to hear some of the high definition HD 24 bits 96 or/and 192 KHz music. So far all I got were downsampled to  44.1 and 48 KHz.

WDTV can play them but can output to the HDMI only, I am using audio extractor for that reason.

Extractor can pass through from HDMI to SPDIF optical.

Simaudio 100D can accept HD audio through optical SPDIF.

So, each piece can do it, but whole sistem does not produce wanted result.


Sort of good to see someone is having the same issue as me.

I am trying the same with a KanexPro HDMI Audio Extractor:

Same result. 96k indicator lights up and then flicks to 48k.

Yeah.  I get the same behavior.  My DAC which has LED’s for 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 flickers to 96 and then lights up as 48.  

The box definitely downsamples high resolution audio to 24/48.  

I use my computers connected via USB to a Cambridge Audio DACMagic or Audio Engine DAC to play hi-resolution files in 24/96 or 24/192

its a shame that most companies build their products for MP3 rather than for music lovers who’d rather avoid a lossy format