Audio 24bit/96Khz - did it ever work?

Does anyone know if the HD audio files 24bit/96Khz ever worked, and if so at what firware did they cease to work.

To my knowledge, sample rates above 48kHz were always down-converted.

So, that I know of, there’s no “working” FW for you to roll back to.

I cannot get the last firmware or the new firmware to play 24bit/96Khz files either,

although the release notes say that this has been fixed.

The question is how are you connecting?

Are you connecting via optical or via HDMI, and what does it connect to?

Because apparently it is working over HDMI:

Hayden wrote:

Hi SoNic,


My WD is connected to a Yamaha receiver via HDMI and from the receiver to TV via HDMI, and yes my receiver displays 96 kHz and 192 kHz when playing flac files of 96 and 192 kHz respectively.  It never done that on previous fw’s.

I have not yet tried via SPDIF (maybe tomorrow) and I can only tell you what I am receiving through my set up.




I am connected to a ony 2400ES av amp via HDMI.

I cannot get these files to show as 24bit/96khz.

I have tried all sorts including a factory reset before and after pdating the firmware.

It appears some people are getting them to work, others are not.

no one has come up with the set of circumstances that either make the files work or not.

I don’t know if it was the update that did it, but I changed an audio setting from stereo to hdmi pass through and now my Denon AVR is showing STEREO96k whenever I play a 24/96 flac file. I have the HD Live.

I may have discovered why I cannot get 24/96khz to work.

I tried to watch a bluray yesterday and to my surprise there was no 5.1 signal, just 48khz LPCM stereo.

After much messing about I am begining to think that my Sony SDT-DA2400ES has a HDMI switching issue.

I had this problem about 18 months ago and Superfi had it repaired, or so I thought.

It was supposed to have been a dry joint.

Anyway I have taken the reciever to a local electronics repair centre for investigation.

I will retest the WD TV Live again when/if I can get the AV Amp repaired.

although my A/V receiver (Pioneer VSX-820) don’t show the digital signal format of a audio file in the display, I’ve tested two flac audio files, one with 96/24 and the other one with 192/24 using HDMI and I notice that with 192/24 some functions of the A/V turned off automatically and I couldn’t been able to turn on some audio functions like dolby pro logic II music, that means that WDTV Live is passing-through this signals.

I didn’t test using optical audio, however I found in the user’s manual this information: “When digital input (optical or coaxial) is selected, this receiver can only play back Dolby Digital, PCM (32 KHZ to 96 KHZ) and DTS (including DTS 96 KHZ / 24 bit) digital signal formats. The compatible signals via the HDMI terminals are: Dolby Digital, DTS, SACD (DSD 2 ch), PCM (32 KHZ to 192 KHZ sampling frequencies) Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-EXPRESS, DTS-HD Master Audio and DVD audio (including 192 KHZ)”.

According to this, it is clear that 192 KHZ are available only to HDMI connections and I guess this apply to any receiver in the market as far as I know.

You should check your receiver’s user manual to confirm this.

I have replaced my Sony amp which had a HDMI card fault.

I now have an Onkyo NR609 and my 96khz/24 files now play without any problems.

I havent tested 192Khz.