No files to backup using WD SmartWare

I’ve installed WD SmartWare to backup files from my notebook but it only shows the “System” box. It does not show any other box like “Documents”, “Music”, etc.

If I select “Detailed View”, all options are checked (Documents, Mail, Movies, Music, etc) but show 0 Kb.

My system is Windows XP and I have to logon using a domain.

Any help?

I have exact same problem.  I am running windows xp 32 bit.  Before I updated the firmware and software I saw the files.  Now they are gone. 

Just got my first My book elite, updated the firmware and the software, like you say, nothing showing to back up.

I just pressed run back up and the software seemed to scan my C drive, then started to backup, showing all files for backup. 

Backing up as I type.:smiley:

Did the back up and as you say it found files.  However, if found about 5GB of data to back up.  My pictures file alone is 11.5 GB.  Called the support line and they said they couldn’t figure it out and I should return the drive for a new one.  It should work.   I’m not convinced. 

Even though SmartWare says there is 0kb for backup, if you press “Run backup” it will backup the selected categories, as it ws said.


I had the same problem, but now it seems to work.

Just uninstall and reinstall the smart ware.

Software  can be uninstalled from Controll panel->add/remove programs.

I discovered this on a ‘fluke’:  the reason the WDSmartware software won’t back up the data in the folder “My Documents”, and the associated subfolders, is because the software sets itself up to “restore” using the location “My Documents” as a destination to restore the files during installation.  I created a separate subfolder off of the root directory, entitled “Restored Files”, and changed the restored files desination in Smartware to the newly created subdirectory.  All of sudden, all of the files and subdirectories in the desired folder were backed up.  But beware once backup begins, if you have a considerable volume of data stored, it will take hours to back up.  So I’d suggest plugging the drive in and letting it run over night. 

Ok, will have to buy again and try again.  Will let you know if it works.  Dumb software I must say

All you have to do is start the backup.  It will then populate the backup list and run the backup.  Nothing to get excited about.  :smiley:

I too have this problem when I updated the software to I must have uninstalled then reinstalled about 10 times and the initial 1.1 software that came with my Passport Essential 650gb works fine. It shows all the file catagories as listed in the manual. After I upgrade all this dissappears and only shows the System files.

I have given up and reading most of the post it would be a waste of time lodging a support ticket. I have uninstalled the software because I require an advanced backup regime and this software just doesn’t cut it. I will use Nero because at least i can select specific directories to back up.

The annoying part of this is that you can’t just use it as an external harddrive with out the software. I have tried VCD but you still have to install the WC software and it ■■■■■ to much resources for a back up tool.

WC rethink you software it is not a good experiance.

The first time WD Smartware categorises the Data on the ‘C’ Drive,it backs it up.Once it is backed up

it moves these Files into the ‘Additional Files’ section on the External HDD Tower in the Software Interface.

So,unless you have new Data on the ‘C’ Drive,it will not find anything to categorise & backup!!

And, as far as using the HDD as a Storage Device is concerned, it is the ‘MyBook’ or ‘MyPassport’ Icon in the Browser & not the WD Smartware Virtual CD.

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I have a similar problem.  Only category showing up to backup is the “documents” category.  When I look at the detailed view, all the other categories are selected.  I’ve selected backup and it runs quickly and only backs up the ‘documents’ category.  It does not back up the movies, email, photos, etc.  Any ideas?