No files showing when connected and logged in on passport

ok, i got the passport yesterday. did initial setup and everything worked. went to bed happy. had a look today and on the welcome screen ( once logged in and connected )  it shows no files whatsoever. just the light grey one on each drive. what has gone wrong ? i did have some trouble logging in with my password - i thought maybe i typed it wrong the 1st time but after 4 times it still didn’t recognise it. i exited the screen, unplugged the passort. re attached and loggged in again. this time it recognised it. now i’m at this point of having no files showing in either column. as in instruction booklet figure 7 page 10. but with no blue files in the contents gauges. i even printed the whole manual but can find no help in that .:mansad:

Hi there, have you tried going inside the drive on Computer and check if the files are there?