No devices available


I can connect through
But when he connects, he writes me NO DEVICES AVAILABLE.


@tamirley How are you trying to connect? Is it over the internet using a browser, on your network to see the Dashboard or with File Explorer if on a Windows PC?

On the internet using IE I can’t open either of my My Clouds. On my computer I can open the Dashboard of both devices and also see everything on both using File Explorer.

I use explorer browser And I get the same message.

Is there a solution to the problem?

If accessing the My Cloud remotely then one needs to ensure Remote Access is enabled on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access. One should then check Connection Status in that section to ensure the My Cloud indicates a connection. Should say “Connected (Relay connection established)” when not using port forwarding/manual connection.

Sometimes one has to disable Remote Access wait a few minutes, then reenable Remote Acccess to get the remote access working again.

Because some ISP/broadband providers block certain ports or services one may need to choose Configure under Cloud Access and manually change the ports used by Remote Access. One would then have to setup port forwarding of those changed ports in their router.

I tried all the options.
The 2 ports are open.
What else could be the problem?

Through the cell phone I can and through the computer I can’t remotely


If you notice the other recent threads, others are having a variety of trouble with

One can check the status of the web portal at the following link: