No dashboard after unbricking and then updating to latest firmware


So i recovered an old 2TB WD mycloud manually by using Fox_exe’s unbricking method, which invovles recreating the partions and then retoring the root.img, kernel, config etc images to the disk.
That all works fine and the mycloud drive comes online. The images i restore are of fw 03.04.01-230.

So when the drive comes online, i use the dashboard to update the fw. It installs the latest fw 4.x.x.x113.
Drive reboots, after a while i get a blue led, but there is no dashboard.

I’m an advanced user, i’ve tried this several times, updating fw via dashboard, command line upgrade, factory restore etc… but everytime i end up with an inaccessible mycloud.

At one point i had ssh enabled so after the upgrade i still had ssh access. I could tell that apache was not starting post upgrade. I started it manually, but even though the apache process starts, there is no dasboard.

Any ideas what could be going on?

This no Dashboard problem after unbricking then upgrading the firmware has been discussed in the following thread. With one workaround being to fix the GTP table before starting the unbrick process.

Thanks. I will try this and see what happens. Hopefully it fixes the problem. I’ve been scratching my head with for two days now. Though i must say i saw no GPT errors at any point before.

Normally you don’t see any GPT errors or messages. You may get other errors instead. In my case it took several days of internet searching before stumbling on the GPT fix and it solving the no dashboard issue after unbricking/firmware updating.

Thanks. Looks like fixing the GPT anyways did the trick. im running the latest fw now and dashboard is up!!!
im going to do another quick restore or system config only restore, just to make sure it fixes if any file systems issue still exists.

Thanks again for pointing to that thread.

Glad it helped. :slight_smile: