[Solved]:Help required: No response from GUI after upgrade to 04.04.03-113 (5/23/2016)

Hi there

Recently I bricked my MyCLoud (3TB). Looking at various threads I have successfully restored the firmware and logged into the MyCLoud via the GUI and also by ssh. So all is well except that it is version 3 of the firmware.

If I let the firmware upgrade to 04.04.03-113 (5/23/2016) this seems to work well but I then find that I can’t access the dashboard.

I can still log in using ssh.

I can still see the shares by running \<ip_address> from the windows start menu.

This is a repeatable problem. I’ve done the restore and update several times and I always get th same result. A working myCloud in v03 of the firmware and a non accessible dashboard if I allow the upgrade to 04.04.03-113 (5/23/2016).

I have searched other threads and found many suggestions for accessing the dashboard but none have worked.

I am open to suggestions as to what to do next.

Thanks in advance

Did you see the following thread?


In that thread I posted my experiences and my solution to the unbricking issue where an upgrade to v4.x firmware yields no Dashboard access. Note that the procedure I used may/will destroy the existing data on the drive during the unbricking process so back up the user data if you decide to use that method to fix this issue.

Hi Bennor

Your post gave me the last piece I needed. Fix the GPT. I’m now up and running with the latest firmware.

In summary I did the following using Linux Mint but I guess the service dvd works as well

  1. Bit the bullet and wiped the 3TB HD. I dd’d everything to 0. Takes 3 ish hours but I’ve had so many funnies due to old data being found I felt it was worth while.

  2. I used parted to build new GPT partition

  3. Downloaded and unzipped a 3TB image from one of the references above.

  4. Used the linux app ‘disks’ to burn the 3TB img file to the 3TB disk (easier than messing about with dd)

  5. Reconnected the 3TB disk to the mycloud hardware and booted. After about 15 minutes I had access to the gui with version 3 firmware.

  6. Did a factory reset (the middle choice) which again took about 15 minutes to get back to the gui

  7. Firmware update to current v4 again at least another 15 minutes.

The IP jumped around a bit doing the above steps so I install WD quick view and used that to open the dashboard each time.

Use your router UI to assign a fixed, or infinite timeout DHCP IP address to the MyCloud. This will stop the IP jumping about.

Thanks for the advice. Before it was bricked I’d set my MyCloud to have a Name of LaurelCLoud and a static IP of

During the multiple times I restored images sometimes I’d find that the device restored as WDMyCloud and sometimes as LaurelCloud. The IP address changed depending on the image that was restored.

It was this and other strange behaviours that led to my decision to dd the drive to zero before fixing the gpt.