No connection with My Book

I work for al long time with my ‘My Book’ WD, but suddenly I can’t see the drive any more on my iMac (MacOS 10.13.6). I connected My Book to a Windows PC, the same problem.
The light at the front of the MB works.
How can I show the MB again on my Mac?

If the LED is on can you feel the internal hard drive spin? You should able to feel the vibrate when you lift up the unit when it connect to the computer.

If both LED on and the unit is vibrate, you can try to open Disk Utilities app on Mac to see if it can detect your drive.

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I am experiencing the same issue. The drive is on (blue light) and spinning (can feel vibrations), but nothing showing up on my Mac. I have looked in Disk Utilities. I see something under ‘Locations’ called remote disc, but selecting that does nothing. When I disconnected and reconnected I got a message that the disk is not readable by the computer, but I have used this for backing up on this same computer before.

Downloaded WD Firmware Updater, still cannot locate drive.


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Same problem. Again…
After a few weeks when I was able to have MyBook Studio LX turned on, the warnings resumed that the disk was disconnected incorrectly.
With some patience, turning off the current MyBook for some time, reconnect after restart to Mac, etc., the disc appears again on the screen but, after reactivating the Mac, the same warning…
But with the USB cable, it looks like it works well… To see.
Did, after the last Apple update, something changed ?..
Or, is something being overlooked regarding the FireWire cable Connection ?..
Ahh, no WD software works on MAC for a long time.

mac OS High Sierra, v. 10.13.6

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I have a brand new WD My Passport for Mac 2TB and can’t see it at all. I’ve tried it on 2 machines but it’s not showing up. Again as with other comments above the light is on and the drive is whirring. I bought the drive as I knew my MacBook was playing up and wanted to make sure I had everything backed up. My MacBook crashed on Friday and now I’m afraid I’ve lost everything despite investing in the hard drive in good time. No happy :frowning: