No app for surface?

Hii ^^ I justt got a  My Book Live 3tbs and a  2tbs my net n900 … all fine with my pc but there is no app for my surface , so i have like 5tbs and I cant access to them from the surface … I was fine I cant access from my Xbox … so any idea ? I need help if there is any app for it , thanks

If you’re talking about remote access, have you tried to access the my book\mynet from the WD2go webpage? For local access, check if you have any apps available that allow you to access shared folders.

on 2/27 a firmware update was released for My Book Live, and onto that you need to apply an update to change from twonky media server to the new WD media server. After thise steps you should search the Windows store for “WD” and install the WD Win8 app.

I did all of the above, but as of yet, unfortunately, the WD app won’t connect to my My Book Live… but I’m sure I’ll get it to work evenually.