No 5.1 with Netflix

Have the latest update, registered the device with Netflix AFTER the update. No 5.1.  Only stereo.  I get 5.1 with my Sony Bluray player fine

Sorry to ask what may be a silly question, but… are you trying to play / compare the same shows?

Not all of the content on Netflix has 5.1, so you will frequently get Stereo audio, even on some newer TV shows / films.

For the shows that indicate 5.1 audio, you should be getting 5.1 audio (works for me).

Are you connecting via HDMI or Optical for audio?


Saw your comment in the Ideas forum but I’ll reply here too. :slight_smile:

My assertion regarding the Live Plus was based on the release notes (I mainly use my Hub) but I’ve since updated my Plus and confirmed that 5.1 audio in Netflix 3.0 is working as stated.

I’m connected via HDMI to a Pioneer AVR.  Content in Stereo displays as “Stereo”.  Content in 5.1 displays as “DDigital Plus”.

Make sure to select 5.1 audio in the Netflix settings for the content you are watching.  If the content has only Stereo audio, you’ll only get Stereo audio.

Make sure your Plus is set to output in Digital (not Stereo).

If you are connecting to a non-surround device (e.g. to a TV and trying to pass-thru to an amp), try connecting direct to the amp.

Same shows.

What might help the WD engineers (and us) investigate the issue and help you is more info about your setup:

  • TV brand and model
  • AVR / home cinema amp brand and model
  • How everything is wired up (Plus direct to TV or via amp?)
  • What show(s) you’re testing with (so we can test exactly the same media)

It’s an Onkyo 7.2 Receiver. Everything’s HDMI. The WD is connected the same way as the Bluray.  The TV has no effect on this, so it’s irrelevant. The WD is HDMI’s to the Receiver, which is HDMI’s to the TV. The Receiver has an on screen display, and when I go to the Info using the WD, it’s PCM 2.0.  The Bluray is 7.1

So, when you watch a 5.1 Netflix show using the BR player, your BR player upconverts it to 7.1 before sending out to the AVR???  That makes no sense.

The BR player should be passing the 5.1 that it would be getting from NetFlix.  It shouldn’t be re-coding the audio.

But, if it is re-coding the audio (or mis-reporting it), then how do you know that it’s even getting 5.1 from NetFlix and not 2.0?

The Receiver’s display shows input as 7.1 and output as 6.1.  I will check it again later as I am on the way out, but I tested this all out last night.

Keep in mind two things:

    NetFlix maintains MULTIPLE variants of the same media.   Different playback devices rely on different variants.

    It’s POSSIBLE that the variant used by the WDTV hasn’t been re-coded to 5.1 while the variant used by your BD player has been.

   But, of course, if the NetFlix GUI on the WDTV says “5.1” audio, then that’s moot.

Also, as stated previously, make sure you haven’t overlooked the DIGITAL setting on the Live, and also make sure you haven’t selected an alternate audio track in NetFlix.

Ok, the Audio setting in the device is set to Digital Pass-thru. Not Stereo, and Not Digital Passthru with optical, which are the other choices.  The movie selected is the new Star Trek, which is a 5.1 movie. There is no choice in Netflix for Audio options. WIth the WD it plays PCM 2.0. With the Sony BD, the input is Multichannel PCM 7.1.  Same movie  

I should add, when I use the WD to view a movie I’ve ripped from a DVD from my Media Server (Mpeg), it does play and show Dolby D. 5.1 input, so it’s only Netflix that showing 2.0.  

Upgrading my Live+ now to see if I can get 5.1…

Star Trek is not Offered in 5.1. There is no 5.1 icon on the listing. If it does NOT offer you an audio choice, then the title is ONLY offered in STEREO. All 5.1 titles I tried offered a choice of Dolby Digital Plus and Stereo.

So, that was a bad choice for an example. HOWEVER, the ones that DID indicate 5.1 that I tried also did NOT present 5.1 audio.

I think we need to mention specific names here so we can verify what is or isn’t working.

Every 5.1 show I watch works, assuming the episode actually HAS 5.1 audio. Multi-season shows are now combined together and imply that ALL seasons have 5.1, when that is not the case.

Try the last episodes of Reaper and Psych. For films, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest.

I’ve tested these on the Live Plus and Live Hub. They work; my Pioneer amp shows it is receiving DDigitalPlus.

Davidsco, does your BluRay player ALWAYS output in PCM 7.1, with ALL shows? It could be a setting on the BluRay player that is confusing the issue.

Ok, trying The Reaper, it did, in fact, show 5.1. So it appears to work. Most shows appear to either have no audio choice, or just a choice of stereo.  Surprised something as recent and theatrical as Star Trek wouldn’t be in 5.1.  Thanks for your assistance

Yeah, there seems to be no logic behind which titles have 5.1; some very recent films are in stereo and some quite old films have surround sound, it’s weird.

Glad we got to the bottom of it though, it bugs me whenever I can’t get a feature working on a new toy. :wink:

Well, *something" is still amiss in that there are quite a few titles that SAY 5.1 that don’t produce 5.1 sound.  

EUREKA-- Final episodes

Batman Forever – Movie


No way to tell if it’s a NetFlix issue or WD issue, really…

But, given the point I made above about different streams for different devices:  I’ve proven that to be the case.

My TV was upgraded to the NetFlix 3.0 interface at some point in the last few months.   NONE of the titles that show 5.1 on the WD show 5.1 availability on the TV.   So either the TV doesn’t support it, or 5.1 streams aren’t available for the TV.