No Audio from Netflix stereo titles but working for Dolby Digital Plus titles

I am using The WD player is connected to the hometheater via optical cable. The netflix titles with Dolby Digital Plus are fine with 5.1 audio output. The ones with stereo arent working. There is video but thereisnt any audio. THe hometheater is capable of handling both DD+, DTS, AAC, PCM. I am sure it can handle Stereo too. I couldnt get why WD player isnt working with stereo audio. Digital passthrough Optical in Settings->Audio/Video Setup is enabled too. Please help.


Do you encounter the same issue when you disable pass-through and instead allow for your WD TV Live Streaming Media Player to handle the decoding process? What Firmware revision do you currently use?

Yesterday I tried playing Netflix DD+ titles and even they didnt work. I had to restart play something on the harddisk go back to netflix and play the DD+ titles. I am using the latest version of the firmware. Sometimes even multiple restarts doesnt fix the issue. I havent tried using media player decoding but I prefer the decoding through my hometheater.