NFS My wd ex4 /Alternative


I have read that the latest version removed support for NFS. I bought my NAS thinking on a media center based on a intel nuc (n2820) with Kodi/Ubuntu/Plex + NFS (my cloud ex4).  

Considering that this services is not supported, is there another efficient way to mount the my cloud ex4 in my linux as a file system?

Extra information: My Ex4 run transmission, My nuc run subdownloader/flexget and kodi/plex.

Thank you in advance, regards

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Some Linux distributions allow SMB access in case NFS is not available. I’d recommend confirming if your active distribution features SMB as a networking protocol for file sharing.



But should I configure something else in my cloud ex4 device? or just in the linux side (ubuntu)? 

Could you please give me an example of how to configure my linux?  (should I use cifs right?)

The configuration would need to be applied on the Linux-based computer, as the WD My Cloud EX4 already has all the necessary active protocols.

CIFS/SMB would be the best choice when NFS is not available. However, for the exact procedure in order to enable or access a network resource using CIFS/SMB, please consult the documentation of your Linux distribution.

I tried mounting with cifs, but it didn’t work. Should I active something at my ex4 configuration? Thank you in advance

Same problem here

Solved by modifying the /etc/fstab and adding a credential file containing name,pswd AND domain

// /home/*****/WD/Tempo cifs noauto,users,credentials=/home/****/nascredfile,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,rw 0 0

and  the /home/****/nascredfile 3 lines :




Worked here for the private share, used “nano /etc/fstab” as root.

Good luck

Thank for your help, I will try you did afternoon (chilean time).

The path that you specified (//IP/PATH); in my case I only have the Public folder, so should by something like //IP/Public? 

Thank you all, it worked perfectly! :smiley:

I used samba, I just configured a user/account, I’m able to mount using smb/afpt/ftp, etc.

Thanks so much.! Please close this topic.

First, SMB on *NIX is garbage. M$ ensures that the ‘standard’ is changed often enough to make SMB on anything other than WinBlows just isn’t production-like stable. Even if you are using it in a non-AD environment, reboots of ‘server’ aren’t cared for as cleanly as other *NIX native file sharing protocols.

My guess, this ‘choice’ was likely due to the number of calls WD was getting from people who didn’t understand how to use/setup NFS and it was a financial decision.

That being said, anyone that truly needs NFS can easily get around this STUPID choice of WD with either SSHFS or my preferred method, iSCSI.