I need to be able to use my MyCloud EX4 with multiple users on Linux


I recently purchased a MyCloud EX4 for my office. We use Linux machines, and I would like to be able to mount the EX4 on a linux machine, so that multiple users can use it with different permissions set up for them.

I managed to mount the MyCloud EX4 using

mount -t smbfs

with a single share on the NAS.

I was wondering if that’s the ideal solution, and what would be the way for me to set up directories with permissions (would I be able to use chown, for example, with a single share under a single user on the NAS? if not, what could I do to set up such permissions?)

Please note that I am not the admin on the Linux machines, so I would like to keep it as simple as possible – especially the process of adding new user mounts. The ideal solution would be creating a single share, mounting it on the Linux machine, and then using chown and chmod as usual.

As as side note, I will say that I believe this could have been easily resolved had the NAS firmware supported NFS. I actually recently found out, after I purchased the NAS, that it doesn’t support NFS anymore. This is a surprising step that WD took, and I can’t understand why – it is basically dumbing down their product. I wouldn’t have bought the NAS (and actually considering returning it, if I don’t figure out a solution to mount it on Linux with multiple users) if I knew that it lacks NFS support – and I say it as an old-timer user for WD’s products.

Thanks for any help!

You should better mount CIFS instead of SMB, it’s faster. For mounting shares, you should use sudo if you’re not in root mode.

NFS was removed at EX4 due to performance issues on this hardware, actual models like EX4100 or DL4100 offer NFS.