NFS export mounts on linux machine, but gives "permission denied"

MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA - Firmware Version : 5.11.112

I have not been able to access NFS exports from My Cloud from a Linux client OS. The export mounts successfully, as is indicated in logs on the My Cloud (both via Web UI and via command line). The Linux NFS client also shows no errors.

However, from any account on the Linux server, trying to access the mountpoint (e.g. “cd /media/”) gives “permission denied”. I have searched support pages and this forum, and can’t find any information on previous solutions.

I have even gone to the trouble to ensure the uid/guid of the Linux NFS client OS and those created by My Cloud are the same.

I read in one post for another product (MBL?) that it uses “trustee” permissions. I googled for a bit, but don’t even know if this applies…

Any pointers to NFS access logs / webpages / posts – or any assistance – is appreciated… :slight_smile: