New Wireless Dongle Works but not on WD List

Hello, ( UK User )

I got my WD TV Live today. I’m using a netgear W614v9 router ( 54G speed router ) along with a wireless dongle that is not on the list. See the link below - and was detected immediately by the WD box. I list it because it seems quite cheap compared to the officially listed ones. £12.38 inc postage from Amazon UK.

PLANEX IEEE802.11n Draft2.0/g/b compatible wireless LAN micro USB adapter GW-USMicroN Designed in Japan

It actually doesn’t look like the photo - it’s bigger and squarer. The box and description printed on the dongle described it as: MicroNext    MN-WD548J    802.11n Wireless USB Adapter.

As far as streaming with it from a windows XP shared folder goes, well 720p was jerking due to bad throughput. I think this could be because it was so far away from the router and the signal strength was low. DVDs and DivX are fine as is YouTube. I’ve used it on firmware 1.01.11 ( original ) and 1.01.11_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV_LIVE-0.3.1 also.

Since this is a Wireless N dongle, I may upgrade the router to see if it makes a difference. ( I don’t expect 1080 to work over wireless though)


This one also works with the WDTV Live but was not on WD’s list when I bought it: AZiO AWU101N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter, MIMO Smart Antenna Technology.

AZiO AWU101N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter

@bipper Are you still have success with your Planex adapter? Think about purchasing on for the time being and didn’t want to waste any money.


It seems to be working fine on 54g. 720p does seriously judder as mentioned above. However - I’m mostly interest in the ‘N’ wireless capability. I’m going to buy a Netgear WNR2000 N router and see how it works with that. Hopefully it should be able to stream 720p with no problems.

  • I noticed they seem to be out of stock on Amazon.

The reason I bought the dongle in the first place, is that it is similar to one on the official WD list. I supposed that because it is not on the official list, and they upgrade the firmware it *could* be unsupported in the future. Something to think about. When you look at the prices of some of the big name brands though, £12 doesn’t seem that much :slight_smile:


I bought this adapter and it don’t work for me. I have a Dlink WBR-1310 router which is not a N router but a G. What could the problem be? I bought  this because it was cheap and figure if it didn’t work I would use it on another pc.