New User - 6tb MyBook Questions

I just purchased the 6TB MyBook and once plugging it in realize it only had 5.45TB - is that normal to be missing that much space?

Can I delete any of the files that come on the hard drive? I see some instruction manuals, apps for mac and windows, extra, locale and some other stuff - I dont want to delete anything I am not supposed to of course! 

I also have SIX   1TB externals - all WD - I want to upload all of them to this My Book, they are not all full but almost. What is the best option for this? My laptop has 2 usb 3.0 ports but would a powered hub be helpful? or would it be no difference. -  Any recommendations on uploading and transfering a lot of photo/video files would be great. 

Bare with me as I am just learning all of this storage. I accidently purchased the MyCloud first but then realized there is no real “fast” way to get all my 6TB onto it. Was really hoping this had more than 5.4TB on it but maybe that much drop off is normal or maybe all these files that come on it can be deleted. Any info is appreciated! 

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

It’s not that the capacity is less than what it says in the label, it’s just the difference with the binary and decimal numbers.

See if the following link helps

Can you imagine if the quantities of fuel, water, and milk were treated this way to the end user customers? There would be a revolt and rapid change, probably lawsuits too.

Isn’t funny that it takes them 5-7 paragraphs to explain their “jicky” marketing approach to drive sizes tethered to a byte, using binary, FDisk, BIOS, etc.

99.5% of customers want to see the actual usable space for their files, pics, videos, etc. I guess it’s just to hard to tell the truth on the box.