My cloud & My book

Hi, I have a WD My Cloud 4TB, all running OK. So I bought a 4TB my book & plugged it in.
Went to Dashboard and went from having 1TB Capacity to 5TB capacity.
Ejected my book, plugged into imac and moved some folders to it, approx 1.5TB of pictures. Plugged back into cloud & it said I had 3.5TB capacity, so far so good. Deleted the pictures from my cloud, I now have 5TB again. Basically I have moved the pictures from the cloud drive to the book drive.
Now decided to move the drives & router.
Ejected book, powered down cloud, unplugged router, moved round the room so now next to imac, not on window sill.
Plugged in, powered up, Red light… Power on reset, power off reset, Red light. Tried different network cable, tried different port on router, that one gave me a blue light, must be dicky connection on router, Ho Hum.
Had to go to browser and enter ip address of cloud for it to be found and open Dashboard ! But now it says there is only 2.55TB capacity. Eject Book drive, still 2.55TB capacity. Plug it back in still 2.55TB capacity
I can access the drive either through the app or through finder, files are there and OK, so why suddenly isn’t dashboard seeing the book drive ? and adding it up with the capacity figure. As it stands I have no idea how much capacity is on book drive ! Yes I can click the usb symbol and it shows me, but why did it total it up beforehand ? Wierd,

Thnx in advance, Normski

Hi there,

Have you tried to reset the device to see if after this the drive comes up on the dashboard?

Yes, I have done both the 6 second reset ( nothing happens after 4 sec) whilst powered on, & the 40 second reset as I power on, no different. Rebooted imac and drives, still 2.53 TB. It’s gone down as I put something on it last night.
As I say, both drives are there and visible from the desktop app, or from Kodi, just not showing correctly in the dashboard.