My Book 5tb Storage help

I have a My Book 5tb external storage device. I have done a back up of my PC but could not find whether or not the other users files have moved to My Book. Do I have to go to each persons account and back up their files as well?My PC is running out of space and I need to delete items off but I’m hesitant on doing so for feat of loosing the Data.

If you are using Smartware in category mode, then you will need to login as each user to backup their personal files.
If you switch to file backup mode and select the “Users” folder from the list, it will backup everyone’s personal data regardless of who is logged in. This mode will only back up folders that are selected, if there are other folders that need to be backed up, just select those as well and make sure you click the “apply changes” button.

Hi, Can I get some advice re getting another Drive(Apologies if not the correct thread!)
I currently have Windows PC(upstairs in my office) + 4TB My Cloud(downstairs by my BB router)
I have backed up everything but still have all my photos/videos etc on my 1TB internal drive in my PC. My PC HD is very full but as retrieving data from MyCloud is quite slow I dont want to delete data from my local PC drive.
I am considering purchasing a MyBook to sit beside my PC and put all my Games/Photos Videos etc on it.
Therefore always having two copies of my data. Does this sound sensible?
Another quick question, when I shut down my PC will the MyBook shut down automatically? or will have to shut it down everytime before shutting down my PC?? (Sorry if these questions are silly.

Thank you