Please assist me in using my 'My Book 4TB'

I’ll first let you know how I intend to use my My Book:


I have partitioned my PC into multiple drives with videos, images and documents in each drive. I periodically edit or add new files in each drive. What I want to do is a one way (mirror) sync. i.e. I want all the folders in my PC to be updated periodically on My Book. This would mean deletion of deleted files, addition of new files and modification of edited files. Please note that I don’t want my book to backup my entire windows PC with all settings. I just want it to back up the data on my PC as it is.

Moreover, I want certain large files (like a movie) to be kept only on ‘My Book’ and retrieve them whenever required, thereby freeing up space on my PC.


In case of a PC crash. I intend to copy the backed up files to my PC.

In summary, I intend to do four things:

(A) Making a mirror copy of certain folders/drives on my PC to ‘My Book’ (These need to be updated regularly).

(B) Use a part of My Book as a repository for some files which are not on my PC.

© Ability to copy back the mirrored files in case of a PC crash.

(D) Ability to open/play large files (a movie for example) from the My Book itself (without copying it to my PC).

What is the best way to do this mirror sync (Keeping all my requirements in mind):

(1) MS has ‘Sync Toy’ which appears to suit my purpose. If I use it,

(a) Will I be able to see/browse the files on my book (transferred using sync toy) without the WD SmartWare?

(b) Will I be able to copy back these contents to my PC without the WD SmartWare when needed?

(2) WD SmartWare offers a backup option as well. If I use this option,

(a) Will this backup do a one way sync/mirroring (deletion/overwriting of files, as I have described)?

(b) Will it ‘show’ files transferred manually (without WD SmartWare) or will they be just shown as additional files?

© Will I be able to transfer the contents of My Book (transferred using WD SmartWare) to another PC without the help of WD SmartWare? Or, will they be in an unreadable format?

(d) I see a lot of posts regarding loss of files backed up using WD SmartWare becoming ‘Additional files’. Is there any way to retrieve them?

Some answers which I found myself:

(1) (a) Yes

(1) (b) Yes

My book works just like any external drive. I can just copy files to and fro with ease.

(2) (a) Yes. It will be done using the ‘File and folder’ method.

(2) (b) Probably as additional files.

(3) © Yes.

An excellent solution for synchronizing your files is ’ Free File Sync’. I found it extremely useful, reliable and moreover it is free!