New router, New IP Address, Same WD

Has anyone experienced trouble with moving WD MY Cloud from one location to another location? I recently moved to a new apartment with a new router (internal IP: 10.x.x.x). When I attempt to connect to My Cloud through the Mac WD My Cloud software, it attempts to connect to the drive using the old IP address (192.x.x.x). None of the other solutions to access the drive work. 

Does anyone have any advice? I would be willing to reformat (if I even could without having access to the dashboard) as as a last ditch effort. Thanks. 

Edit: Wow. Did a factory reboot using the reset button on the back of my device. Fixed. 


Thanks for editing your post with the solution. Hope it helps other users.

What about the url links to the files, does each of them need to be recopied when at the new location?

I sent out a bunch of links to videos on my wdmycloud and now I might be moving to a differest physical location and a different isp

My instinct tells me the old links won’t work  am I wrong?



They should still work; the URLs give a host name, not an IP address.


yes now that I look at the url syntax it seems that so long as the wdmycloud server know where my particular device is located then the links to the files should still hold.

I wonder if there is Anyway to test that without actually doing it?