NEW RELEASE: My Cloud Home Web App

WD is happy to announce the release of My Cloud Home Web App on

  • Click Here to see what’s new.
  • Click Here for more information about the Mobile App and Software (Firmware) Update process.


The webapp is indeed now looking new and it also tells me that there is a new ios App ready to be downloaded. But there is no update at the apple app store. So where do I get this updated? Maybe it will make my mac desktop app work again?

cheat you

can’t find the new app in apple store

The updated My Cloud Home mobile app for Android and iOS are currently not available for manual download from the Play and App stores. We are in the process of pushing the mobile app and firmware updates to all users over the course of a few weeks.
Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Alright, thank you for the info. Maybe you should change or erase the window which requests the user to download the new app.

There is an important neg. change to the web App:
Before the update the upload status showed the current status of each single uploaded file.
Now there s only one of all uploads. Now I can not see what’s being uploaded.

I didn’t find this app in appstore

Please bring back “Activity” tab in menu options, which showed which files have synced and when.

Now it says I should update my cloudhome through the app. But how do I do that. Theres is no Button to do so? Apparently this has been made so confusingly as we know it from wd…:triumph:

This update is a joke! please bring back the shared folder to the desktop app! at this moment all of my " my cloud" devices are unusable :triumph:

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