Is there a way to download a file from mycloud home using mobile app?

Hello everyone,

At first I was confused between choosing mycloud (which had security issues, now solved) or the new mycloud home, then decided for the latter, thought it would have the same great features which the first one has and even more or better as a new edition until i found out that somehow the home edition (at least the mobile app) is like for dummies nothing than an online back up drive, you can put in but never pull out.

Now that the horse is out of the barn, let’s suppose i have only my mobile app on hand and need a file from mycloud home, how can i download or get a file back to my phone (IOS and Android) ?

Thank you for your support.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I would much appreciate receiving soon some upgrades on WD My Cloud Home which includes:

  1. Downloading and Saving to mobile device none native content such as mp3, pdf, xls, doc etc…
  2. Downloading and Saving to mobile device to any location other than camera roll or gallery
  3. To be able to open any file on My Cloud Home with any third app found on the mobile device including music and video files without using limited services.
  4. To be able to multi select folders or files by long pressing for downloading or saving many files at once.
  5. Not stable,receiving “Having Trouble Connecting looks like your mobile device isn’t connected to the internet” even when on 4G or wifi are at full speed.
  6. To enable the owner to manage users and their permissions on certain folders for ex: Plex music and other contents are in shared folders allowing every user to access them.

In my opinion the mobile app is too limited and needs an upgrade.

Thank you again.

I support that the mobile app is too limited for “just a little bit advanced” user.

I meant to buy the Home to store and access my pdf file anywhere!

I would also like the functionality to download via the app to my phone.

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Such a simple requirement .

And yet, still not implemented into the iOS app- we have no hope with this box…:woozy_face:

I mean why would we want access to our files once weve uploaded them to this box…!!!:crazy_face: