How to Update My Cloud Home?

Hello together,

i am fairly new to the community since i own a My Cloud Home 4TB since yesterday. Done the Product registration, set up 2 Users (my Wife and me) and connected 1 Cloud (Dropbox) 3 mobile devices (2 Smartphones, 1 Tablet) and 2 PC running 64bit Win 10 Build 1903 with the appropriate apps.

My Apps now all tell me there is an Update aviable, adding new functions to the My Cloud Home. Wherever i search the FAQs Forums and community threads, there is said that this has to run automatically and that the My Cloud Home has no Dashboard to do this manually.

Unfortunately mine does not seem to make any update since yesterday. My Question is now, is there any way to force the Update on My Cloud Home or are there any conditions to be met to enable the device to do the update (e.g. such as Port Forwarding in the Routers Firewall)?

Thanks for the Help in Advance!

I have the same problem.

I’ve already tryed the solution « Reboot the mycloud home and wait the update » but nothing…

Sorry to hear that.
I could not stop my wife from connecting her mobile devices to the My Cloud Home as soon as it was set up and she started shifting a large amount of files to it via backup functions.

I fear this is what prevents the device to update in the first place. Can you relate to that behavior?

Im a new owner of My cloud too and having same problem, I’d like to be able to access the albums feature.

I have had the my cloud installed and online for 5 days.

This is what I see on the app and don’t know how to resolve the issue.

@Dragonsong Have you visited the Learning Center to find out more about your device?

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

@cat0w Been there done that, only leads me to the release notes with no option to do it manually. My device (and appearantly those of others too) seems to be stuck in the Update process with no way to fix that on my end. Ich could provide Logfiles if this helps anyhow with the fixing

Not updating your product is a good thing!!!

The chance that my cloud home will have major malfunction after updating it is very very high. After the last update throwing it into the garbage was the only thing it would let me do with it :zipper_mouth_face:
So just leave it like it is.

Currently I am trying to reset it to factory settings, set it as exposed host on the routers firewall and not use it for a few days to see if it will update otherwise I am probably gonna use it the way it is

in July there was the same question and there is no answer why it was finally updated. In my case tried to remove client software from mobile devices with old (unsupported) android version, thought that is the client compatibility issue.

After forementioned actions, this morning the device is up to date.

I uninstalled all apps on all devices and used the reset button on the back, pressing it for at least 60 seconds. WARNING, THIS DELETES ALL DATA! Make sure to backup it up before doing this. Then I made the device exposed host in the firewall of my router so all ports are open for it. Let it be over night without using it and the problem was solved for me in the morning.

Hope this is of help to the rest of you.