New Release - My Book Live Firmware Version 02.11.12-060 (6/26/12)

WD is happy to announce the latest firmware update for the My Book Live. For information about the firmware update, please check out the release notes.

Please feel free to post your experiences in this thread.

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that link lists the three fixed issues, and then says “other updates included”.  but the release notes just list the same three fixed issues…so was there anything else?  or just time machine, 30000 error, and relay connection?

Those were the three issues. I’ll ask them to reword the release notes to be clearer.

Note that there are three reports of failure of this upgrade under another thread this morning.

I am on the phone (hold) with support now.

The firmware was just posted… I don’t see any threads with failures. What is your issue?

Maybe this is the thread that is referenced:

See “upgrade copy failure” by pango

yes - upgrading from that version will still have a small chance to see issues with the upgrade. These issues were not fixed unitl 02.11.09-53 (the previous release). Once you are on 02.11.09-53,  the update issues will be less, but they are not completely resolved until 02.11.12-060. Sorry for the inconvience.  You should be able to retry the upgrade. Also, Downloading the firmware and manually updating will also help.

sorry but I am already at 53.

Copied from my System page.

“MyBookLive  02.11.09-053 : Core F/W”

I udpated my previous post. Talked to the engineers and the issues though mostly fixed still could happen in the last firmware update. This version will fix it (yea yea - I know). You can do a couple things:

Either reboot and try it again, or if wait about 10-20 minutes (depending on the download speed) before re-trying.  Chances are the download is still in progress in the background.  If you retry immediately after the error, you may run into the 10% hang issue. 

It sounds like you are recommending that I download to my computer for the install rather than use the automated system in the UI.

I used the UI when it failed this morning.

It will be this evening before I try again.

FWIW, I have done many MBL updates and have found that it is much preferred to download the update file (.deb) to a local PC and then do the update from that file.  I’m still using the Dashboard UI, but I am having the MBL upgrade from the downloaded file.  For the most part, other than the slow UI problem that occurred a couple of updates back, this method has never given me a problem.


Sounds like good advice.

I have done a couple of upgrades using the UI with no problem till this morning.

Interesting that I didn’t have a problem until I installed the 053 upgrade that was supposed to fix this problem.

We have to remember that computers are here to make our lives easier (they say).

Already due t the last firmware my drive is in an ambiguos state. It is booting blue LED and then turning yellow LED and then loops through again through the same loop. This used to happen after the last firmware update but the frequency was not every 2 mins. Now the drive is doing the cycle every 2 mins. 

WD service people told (before the release of this firmware) that the drive need to be replaced (since within warranty). But if there is an easy solution that I can try I will prefer before replacement. 

Someone pls help. 


How do upgrade from the downloaded file ? Could you pls let me know.

In order to update a MyBook Live from a local file, here is what I do:

  1. After learning of the update, I locate it on the WD support website and download it to a local PC.  I got an e-mail from my MBL today about the new update, and if I open my Dashboard (using the WD Quick View software) I see an alert that says there is a new update available.

  2. After getting the download, and seeing that nobody is using the MBL, I make a couple of backups of my data.

  3. From the WD Quick View menu I select the MBL and then “Dashboard” to start the web UI.

  4. From “Settings” I choose “Updates”

  5. From “Updates” I choose “Update from File” on the line “New Firmware Update”

  6. I point to the file I downloaded in Step 1 and away it goes.

where can i download old firmwares? i still get the update error: 31105 - Upgrade copy failure

This is where I went to find the firmware update:

Good old WD updates, multiple attempts now, each time fails. trying from file this time and its stuck at the famous 10%!

Sorry, Guys.  We pulled the firmware while we look into what caused this.