My Book Live Firmware Update

I wanted to see if there were any firmware updates for my “My Book Live” and saw where I needed to download and use the WD Firmware Updater software now. I did that and the software will not go past a window that says all USB devices except keyboard and mouse need to be disconnected. I did that and restarted the PC and plugged the drive back in. Still same message window.
Using a Windows 7 PC will all the latest updates. The drive only has a network connection.
When I go to the dashboard site for the drive and select updates it says the firmware is current.
Firmware looks a little old to me.
My Book Live Firmware
Version:MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W
Last Update:Sun 05 Jul 2015 01:12:04 PM EDT

Is there a more current firmware version ?
Or any suggestions on how to get the WD Firmware Updater software to run ?


Nope – that’s it. The My Book Live is pretty old product.

I am in a similar situation except my firmware is older, MyBookLive 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W. When I attempt to update through the My Book Live web utility I get an error message that the Network Connection is lost. Is there a way to update from a different location?

Please disregard, I was able to find the firmware on the WD website and download it. After a couple of tries I was able to update from the file.

Current Firmware version of My Book Live is: 02.41.05-034 : Core F/W
Last update: Sat 16 Mar 2013

When I click on ‘Check for Update’ it gives me message update version found:
MyBookLive 02.43.10-048

By clicking ‘Install and Reboot’ button shows downloading 0% and then show this error message.
31103 - Upgrade download failure. Please try your upgrade again.