New Release - My Book Live Duo Firmware Version 2.42.02-012 (4/10/13)

WD is happy to announce the release of its firmware update for the My Book Live Duo.  Feel free to post your experiences in this thread.

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Yes, this just showed up when I was restarting my drive.

I updated with no problems.


I have just updated too. It took about 30 minutes, excluding rebooting. No problems.

My initial impression is that accessing the User Interface is now much faster.

I am now checking TM backing up performance as well as drag-copying performance.

I’m hoping that when an extyernal HDD or Flash drive is insertedf that the following is fixed . . .

  • When a device is attached to the USB port that #usb or #fuse is removed before, internally, the settrustees program is invoked to apply the appropriate ACL to the attached external storage.
  • That, as before, the MBLD remembers the permissions set on a USB storage device so when the same device (each one has its own serial number) is inserted the previous ACL for that device is applied.

I’ll check for this when I get a chance to perform an update.  :wink:

Anyone already installed Midnight Commander or Pyload?

Has annyone installed transmission and/or twonky?

Quick question: while I’ve received notification for the FW update on my own 2x2TB MBLD, my friend, who has a 2x3TB MBLD, has not (even checking for updates on the console results in nothing) … is the FW update not for all such devices or why has she not received any updates?


Hi, I second the previous post…

Can Transmission be installed? rTorrent? (how? any safe tutorial?)

Can pyLoad be installed? (how? any safe tutorial?)

Are there any others apps like these that can also be installed in MBLD?


Happy to report that the update went without a hitch.

Sad to report that there are a number of small faults that have not been addressed of which, for me, just means a few additional steps I need to take via Telnet via SSH to re-apply the tweaks and fixes.

Will soon see if the issue with using a flash drive to the MBLD has been fixed or not.

Myron, you are very knowledgeable of these devices! Would you ever be willing to create a sticky post with a compilation to all of them available? I’m sure everyone here would love you for that, and you will be improving the usage of the devices for all of us! I know, i I’d be very grateful!

On another note, do you know how to install the apps (Transmission, rTorrent, pyLoad, JDownloader and any others)?

Thanks again for your continued support.

I did write a sort of FAQ for the MBL agea ago but some of that would be obsolete because of updates.

At some point I’ll look through my notes and put it all up.  Some gripes I’ve addressed is the likes of a more secure Public folder/share.  I have also collected other hindts and tips like how to enable FTPS using the built in VSFTPD.

As to the likes of transmission, rTorrent, etc…  I’m a whimp when it comes to this.  A whimp when it comes to installing the software directly on to the MBLD in case there is a issue with the software and supporting libraries/dependencies that could effectivley brick the NAS so for exotic stuff I got one of these cheap Raspbrerry Pi single board computers.  If I mess that up when I just need to re-mage the SD card.  The Raspbrerry Pi’s design is for developmental stuff so repeated bricking and crashing seemed to be in mind.

WD have addressed a LOT of issues, but it puzzled me why some issues and requests are not resolved even though it can be easily done.

I’ve been wondering this since day one when it comes to the WDTV. Till today there is no black screensaver e.g.


I assume you meant that you haven’t received notifications or the actualy FW upgrade, yet, correct? My friend is also still waiting for this upgrade … are there others out there, who haven’t seen the new FW version on their MBLDs, either?

I think I found a buf with this firmware and need people to see if they can do the same.

Make sure you have at least two user accounts.

Create a new user and assign a private share. While doing this grant one of the other uses ful access to the same share.

Now go to the Shares option and select the new share you created. The additional user that was geanted acess to the share is now showing as not having access. The tick to the left of the name of the other user is not shown.

For those asking about Midnight Commander and pyLoad, these guides should get it done using Optware and ipkg
These have not been tested on the MBLDUO but they work great on the latest MBL firmware

Thanks nfo!

Do you have a Transmission (or another Torrent client) guide too?

Unfortunately I don’t because I don’t use torrents. I can look into it though

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Thanks once again for your great support, it’s really appreciated.


Still not fixed.


  1. Tag names are case sensitive; Artist vs. ARTIST. Only upper case works.

  2. Year shown is not the year from tags

  3. Adding a new music album with album art as folder.jpg is not recognized correctly. Album art does not display at all but is indexed as picture instead

  4. UTF8 support missing so every song with non-English chars will be ‘uknown’ to system

I already contacted to support and created case for #4 as that is the biggest problem and answer simply was that this is more like a feature rather than bug. What! And only guidance was to inform problems here in the forum where you do not get any response from WD.

Installed Twonky 7.0.12-RC1 and indexing was really fast with all songs detected correctly. So can we get Twonky license or money compensation from WD as their sw is not working as expected?

For those asking for a transmission tutorial, I put one together for the MyBookLive late last night that works on firmware 02.41.05-034 using Optware and ipkg.
Again this is untested on a MBLDUO but should work.