New Release - Firmware Version 3.08.14 for WD TV Live Hub (10/29/12)

DeVicious wrote:

new firmware breaks movie sheets for TV shows created with the newest version of ThumbGen

Yep rolled back to previous FW … pfff … :cry:

Two days for beta testing come on! Update feature is now Off.

i didn’t get to try out the beta… that might have been one for the weekend… and also there any issues spotted by the earlier  testers… 

Really did hope there was a new better attempt by release a beta and getting feed back… guess its a Oh Well… 

3.06 works perfectly fine, auto update has been turned off since then.

come on WD please do better… i really willing you too do good… 

when will firmware upgrade include twonky upgrade? a lot hub users having problem with streaming from Hub to other devices on mkv. Samsung for example and upgrade twonky to later version address those issue. Streaming feature is one of factor that people choose hub until find out that it only work verywell with WD devices but not to other manufacture.

Medic wrote:

DeVicious wrote:

new firmware breaks movie sheets for TV shows created with the newest version of ThumbGen

Yep rolled back to previous FW … pfff … :cry:


Two days for beta testing come on! Update feature is now Off.


Please, what exactly do you mean? Are you seeing them displayed super slow?

flhthemi wrote:


Please, what exactly do you mean? Are you seeing them displayed super slow?


tv show sheets are not displaying at all.

i get older versions of my sheets displayed but I seem to be the only person right now.

DeV Wrote “new firmware breaks movie sheets for TV shows created with the newest version of ThumbGen” Not sure if this is the same problem you are refering to, but here is the issue I came across and how I solved it.

I had been testng some of the FW revs that led up to this one and had some issues with my TV sheets starting with 3.08.13 and then as well with 3.08.14.  I came across problems with my TV Sheets

The Problem:

I noticed that it was only with some of my TV shows though and not all of them. On the ones that were broken, I would not get the movies sheet (EX: xxx. avi._sheet.jpg ) to show up. Nothing would come up and i would just see the standard backdrop of the theme I was using.  I was baffled. The sheets for my movies worked fine, and some of my TV sheet did as well. Why only some of the TV Sheets?

The Testing and the Answer:

I tried to find the difference between the ones that worked and the that did not. They all looked the same and I could not find anything different between the XML files with the one that worked and the ones that did not. After about a week of banging my head and playing around with the files it turned out that the ones that worked all had the same file naming convention. They had the  “S” for “season” and “E” for episode in the names of the files. The ones that didn’t would not work. Nothing afer the Season and the Episode mattered, i could have anything in the name I wanted.


  • Breaking.Bad.01x01.BDrip.avi - did not work correctly 
  • Breaking.Bad.S01.E01.BDrip.avi - did work correctly

Thus there were two options to fix the issue:

1) The long option that I tried first to figure out which part was causing the issue

I had to go through all my TV show will a a bulk renamer and make sure every episode was named similar to the second example. Of course I also had to do the same with  the jpg, the _sheet.jpg and the xml file, changin them to the correct naming convention as well. I then had to go into the xml files and change the  to the correct sheet name and then the second  to the correrct  jpg file name.  Worked fine after doing so

2) The easier option that requires you remake your TV sheets with Thumbgen

With this option I used the bulk renamer and change all of the TV show names to the correct format. Delete the TV sheet, the jpg and the XML, and then run thumbgen again for each TV show.  Also worked fine after doing so.


Not sure if this is the same issue that you are coming across, but after going through this proces, my TV sheets work fine once again. They certainly do not come up quick, but i have not measured them against the previous public release of the FW.

Hope this helps any of you wanting to upgade and are having issues with TV sheets and your themes. Was driving me crazy but since about 40% of my TV sheets were working fine, I was convinced that there was someway to fix the problem and determined to figure it out. When I had that 'Eureka" moment and the testing worked, I felt like I had found  the cure for some sort of deadly pandemic. Absurd how obsessive we can get with these boxes.

Good luck



Pearl thank you for the effort and the advice.

i edited this post since your point didn’t come through exactly. (to me at least, was reading it sloppy)


official scene release is “” the hub needs a period between the season and the episode WHICH IS WRONG

it works with ""

Glad to be of some help here



pearl wrote:

Glad to be of some help here



major help!

maybe for the sake of everyone it would be a good idea to publish a release candidate version in the theme forum, usually problems are determined immediately and the fix is provided within the same day. It would make sense since the beta network seems not to work and we have to wait 4-8 weeks for a fix. Just an idea without name calling :slight_smile:

I signed up with this forum after becoming so frustrated with 3.07 which seemed to make most features worse, particularly the loss of automatic recompiling of the file list when a new one was added or an existing one deleted. 

My frustration was not helped by not being able to roll back to an earlier version where these features worked, despite assistance from kind people here.

So when I saw that the version addressed this issue, I did the update, though with the worry that something else would go wrong instead.

Well, the update went smoothly (unlike the experience for others) and I haven’t found anything else that has gone wrong. 

But alas the automatic recompile hasn’t been fixed, thougn it seems that only one rescan is required now to update the file list, rather than the 2 or 3 in 3.07.

So not much of an advance, but unlike the two previous updates, no steps back.

The tuners are now listed

Live TV Adapters:

Device Name Device Model
Slingbox New! SOLO
Slingbox New! PRO-HD
Slingbox New! 350
Slingbox New! 500
Hauppauge! New! WinTV-HVR-950Q
Hauppauge! New! WinTV-NOVA-T

architectonic wrote:

@ Bill_S


2 days for Beta testing? :smileyvery-happy:


That would appear a rather optimistic evaluation of this Firmware update to say the least! Have not tried it myself and do NOT intend to either, but despite this, it would significantly enhance WD’s current stance on theming if  further information was shared regarding the point raised by JoeySmyth-


  • Resolved several translation and user interface issues.

Just a thought Bill? :confounded:

Sorry…  I don’t have a response for that.  :confounded:

Videocast (RSS) from German TV sender ZDF does not work

Firmware: 3.08.14

My subscriptions of all podcasts from German TV sender ZDF do not work and WDTV Hub does not accept new subscriptions from ZDF (

With last firmware this podcasts worked well. The podcast links can be seen on:


pearl wrote:

Glad to be of some help here



Thnx for your effort and help trying to workaround just another new created issue. I mean it all worked before this release why change it? Rolling back the FW is/was easier ( and faster ) then renaming every single TV file AND making new ThumbGen sheets …

With next release maybe they fix it and it starts all over again.

I cant get it to connect to my windows 8 pc in network share anymorre? could someone help please?

rlivin wrote:

I cant get it to connect to my windows 8 pc in network share anymorre? could someone help please?

Is it not seeing shares in general, or just not seeing your Win 8 shares?  Also, did you check to see if you needed to reconnect to your Win 8 shares?  Someone else may know more about this than I do, since I haven’t worked with Win8 shares before, but I needed to ask.


Please report this on this link-


if you haven’t already done so?

@ Bill_S

:smileyvery-happy: Whilst I like your sense of humour Bill, surely WD could elaborate on the ‘user interface issues’ that have been successfully resolved?

Go on Punk… Make my Day! :wink:


You seem to like cutting and pasting just as much as ME! :smileyvery-happy:

Why not try  BIG bold lettering as well! …its FUN.


Childish, I know but sorry I couldn’t resist! :wink:

Updated firmware straight from Web, took less than 5mins

Must admit I’m a bit of a basic user, playback movies, photos, music … maybe a bit of iPlayer.

Everything still works fine :slight_smile: