New Release - Firmware Version 2.04.13 for WD TV Live Hub (3/8/11)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Media Player.  


Please post your experiences in this thread.

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Great news, but is this the same as the beta version recently released?

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Yes, it’s the same.

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TonyPh12345 wrote:

Yes, it’s the same.


Ouch… If this is true, then we’re still stuck with bugs that were either introduced or still not fixed with 2.03.24!

Since installing the beta release I’ve been experiencing random freezes where there’s nothing else to do but pull the plug, if this continues I will seriously have to consider a roll back to 2.03.24, although I like the new additions and fixes I somehow feel a bit disappointed :neutral_face:

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Great… you added a bunch of new things to go wrong without barely fixing the issues we all mentioned in our posts. Instead of adding new things, you need to correct the other issues first! All we want is a media player that works and shows and plays our files correctly… I enjoyed having my movie collection display in pictures, my kids easily recognized their favourite cartoon movies this way.  The new firmware has removed all my meta data from my MKV collection and displays only text now… how about focusing on the things we want rather than what you think we need? I feel like this box has been a mistake, a $200 plus one. Shame on you WD for at best, a mediocre update. I am sure I speak for most of the owners in this forum…

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after upgrading, internal hd 1Tb disappeared, roobooting gives Loading Mochi, and then nothing happens.

By selecting home-buttem, go to setupo, no disk available.

anybody who can help


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Return it… thats what I’m doing. Good luck.

it is not working, it destroyed my wd live hub, no more acces to hd, no more acces from network, usb is not working !!

thanks for the problems, now i lost all my data !!!

I dont wanna be rude, but your post makes me laugh! And, to top it all off, you paid for those problems! I can only hope you backed up your stuff somewhere else! Cheers man!

I just upgraded and now files I had that played fine under the previous firmware have very, VERY low audio level, so low that even when I turn the TV nearly all the way up I still can barely hear it. 

Using component video out with stereo audio.

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Reboot seemed to have fixed the problem, but there is now noticable lag when loading up an ISO, and when going back to the menu there’s some weirdness. I’m playing say the 3rd movie, and it shows background images from the 1st movie on the list for a second then jumps to the correct one.

The older firmware seemed much more stable and faster.

Hmm, for what they make a Betaphase if then the same Beta is switched Live?

Well, it is just downloading the 2.04.13 now, i hope it was not a mistake to push the Button…

Ok, well, internal hdd is there, and the hub is up and running, so far so so good…

But some Services are no more there, instead some new ones popped up?!

And while browsing the Movielist i notices a new strange Thing, some unselected Text turns White while the Rest is Lightgrey like before, the White Text turns Lightgrey again is Cursor is moved up down, very random, but hmm a new strange behaviour that wa snot there before…

Will test it tomorow and hope its the only new strange Thing…

another useless update …

tm9ZL34UhIf68B2 wrote:

Hmm, for what they make a Betaphase if then the same Beta is switched Live?


They put it in Limitted Public Beta to allow users to do more broad testing than they can do in their own labs.   If no show-stoppers are encountered, the beta is released to ALL users.

There were quite a few iterations (as I’m sure you remember) with the Live / Live+ where 1.03.x Betas never made it to “Live” status.

Although, I’m actually kind of surprised at the speed at which this went Beta->Live…  A week really isn’t a lot of time.

But given the number of vocal people here that complain that ANY time is too long, perhaps they’re trying to strike a balance…

After installing the new firmware release, the remote control stopped working. After rebooting the WDTV Live Hub device, the remote started working again.

Since upgrading, I also am experiencing very low audio levels over both optical and HDMI connections.

Now my external HDD WD 2Tb can´t be detected by the WD HUB…How can I unistall last firmware???

I am happy to say I see no issues, although I am disappointed the “The” sorting issue hasn’t been addressed.

I have only tested one movie but the volume level over HDMI to my receiver seems normal.

Sniffa69 wrote:

After installing the new firmware release, the remote control stopped working. After rebooting the WDTV Live Hub device, the remote started working again.

On my two hubs:

On one beta Firmware was introduced several days ago. No problem until today. Hub went into reboot cycle loop. Remote stops working (only left and right arrows are ok, if one presess OK button hub reboots) and hub repeatedly reboots.

On second hub yesterday firmware was automatically pushed from network and it went into same cycle already yesterday.

On both hubs OsbModHub 1.0.

I am affraid that I will have to downgrade …