New Release - Firmware Version 1.06.34 (9/24/2012) for WD TV

Check out this guys… Silent release by WD


Posting it even before the official announcement  :dizzy_face:

Release Notes

Supports iPhone and Android WD TV Remote Apps. (Requires an update to WD TV Remote version 1.1)
Supports YouTube Leanback.
Resolved MP3 audio doesn’t work in FLV video container.
Resolved albums do not play correctly from Samba when a JPG image is located in the folder.
Resolved reboot issues when playing VCD files.
Resolved USB drive is active after eject dialog is closed.
Resolved Facebook Like/Unlike function of video option bar.
Resolved network share doesn’t filter media category for Photos.
Resolved reboot issues after hot plugging USB keyboard.
Resolved HDMI issue with certain TV models displaying a purple screen.
Resolved audio sync issue on certain .MOV container.
Resolved ISO/VOB 10 minute skip function only skips once.
Resolved momentary freeze or lag after FFW or REV video file in .VOB container.
Resolved random music playback is not random issue.
Resolved issue device reboots when playing slideshow and music from NAS.
Resolved subtitles colors of subtitles and background are displayed incorrectly.
Resolved SRT subtitle outline is transparent.
Resolved IDX and SUB subtitles without end time info in header are not displayed.
Resolved file types are not filtered while browsing videos in Network Shares.
Resolved unable to filter file types in network share browsing.
Resolved several general Flingo user interface issues.
Resolved several general Dailymotion user interface and playback issues.
Resolved video playback issue with certain MPEG2 video files.
Resolved several Pandora user interface issue.
Resolved system restarts when copying multiple files from file management.
Resolved issue with jerky playback while playing VCD video files.
Resolved HDMI video output settings being forced to unsupported resolution when setting to auto.

Any news for a new firmware for the simple WD TV Live?

Looks like it was removed. Or it was created and moved to invisible for time wait.

Are you get this fw or release notes from it?

No page for 1.06.34 V but firmware zip file was also posted.

Just flashed my wdtv live.

Well, looks like my wd passport now recognized faster. 

Youtube leanback looks good.

upnp works, wireless keyboard works.

I just downloaded the Live Plus version (have not installed it yet) by changing the still old public link to the new version number.

So, I got it at:

Unfortunately there are no release notes in the file.

I just did a search on WD’s web site for 1.06.34 and got this (and only this):

 your remote and enjoy the show! What’s in this update? Release  1.06. 34
(9/24/2012): Supports iPhone and Android WD TV Remote Apps.   

(I did not add the …'s, I simply copied and pasted what I just found.)


Yesterday I was checking WD website for updates to my WDTV Live PLus, I noticed the 1.06.34B update and was excited so I downloaded it.  I then proceed to upgrade the device and everything went smooth.  I began watching netflix on the device and watched 2 shows without and problems until I tried to select another show.  The device then locked up and was completely unresponsive to anything so I was forced to pull the plug and reboot.  Upon booting up, the device powers on and makes it past the first few screens but just enters a never ending loop of the loading animation with the black background.

I then proceed back to the website and noticed the update was removed.  I started to think I was crazy till I read this thread and seen that they have indeed removed the update for whatever reason but it was to late for me.

So thanks WD for bricking my device which is now completely useless and also out of warranty!


I was able to get the device working again by pushing the factory reset button on the side near the USB port.  I hope this helps someone else if they experience this issue.

Works like a charm without any issues so far.

^^^  akash

Why not tell us if

(1) you’ve noticed anything new and/or added

(2) if it fixed an issue you’ve had

Strange, looks like some pauses inthe beginning when start playing mkv/m2ts files.

Anybody check auto frame rate working?

George19855 wrote:

Any news for a new firmware for the simple WD TV Live?

Just like for plus version, just change letter and here we are:

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Any new features/apps?

Athlon wrote:

Any new features/apps?



BBC iplayer


Youtube leanback

I don’t see more features for now, just hope that there is not too much critical bugs was added.

And we need somebody to check auto frame rate now, mine is connected to crt for now.

Saw this in the bin - bestbuy_browse_detail.xml


Probably part of CimemaNow

Auto frame rate dont work! Back to older firm, again :frowning:

Video freezes often during Start and  Continue (after pausing the video)…

All - as we catalogue yet another failure by WD, would it be possible to indicate whether the bug is for the Live or Live Plus?

Auto frame rate dont work on Live.