New My Passport not detected by WD Quick View

I recently purchased the new model My Passport 4TB, WDBYFT0040BRD, and when I connect it to my PC, WD Quick View doesn’t detect it. It detects an older My Passport Ultra and MYCLOUDMIRROR, but not the new drive. When I look at About for WD Quick View it shows version 2.4.16. Is there a newer version to fix this problem?


Version from WD’s Support site should be able to detect your unit.

Is the WD Quickview the only app unable to interact with your unit?

Can WD Backup and WD Security detect your unit?

I believe my version of Quick View came with WD SmartWare from the My Cloud Mirror Gen2 downloads site. When I look at Control Panel>Programs and Features, it displays version for WD Quick View, WD SmartWare, and WD SmartWare Installer. When I try to install the version of Quick View you pointed to, I get a message stating a newer version is already installed, and it quits the installation.

I will install WD Security to see if it detects it.

This is very strange. Before installing WD Security I decided to start WD SmartWare to see if it was detecting the drive, and it did display it. I’ve had WD Quick View and SmartWare installed for at least 3-4 months and it is the lastest version.

I installed WD Security and did a reboot as part of the installation. Following the reboot, I decided to try WD Quick View again, and now it displayed the new My Passport. Because I had no intentions of using WD Security I decided to uninstall it to see what would occur. After the uninstallation and reboot the new My Passport still displayed in Quick View. It appears that WD Security added something to enable Quick View to display the new model My Passport. I don’t think I mentioned it previously but I running Windows 10 with the latest updates. I going to monitor to insure Quick View continues to display the drive, but it appears that the problem has been resolved.


something strange with this software the, same issue here i’ve 2 devices mycloudmirror & mycloudmirrorgen2 the quick view is detect just the the first one and doesn’t detect the gen2 !!!

Version: v2.4.10.17
Release Date: 2/26/2015