Older My Book not showing in WD Quick View

I have 3 different WD external products. I have a My Passport Ultra, a My Book Live Duo, and an older My Book. All three seem to be working fine and can be seen by Windows 10. I can access files and move files back and forth. However, the older My Book doesn’t seem to show up in WD Quick View. The other two show up with the status, but nothing for the older My Book. If I open up WD SmartWare, it describes it as a WD Drive, but how will I ever know the status/health of the 2 drives? I remember when I first got it, there was a icon in the system tray for it’s status. I don’t remember if that was Quick View, or before that software was available. I thought that it showed up in the status before upgrading to Windows 10, but I just noticed it wasn’t there because I’ve been troubleshooting various computer problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If the older MyBook isn’t showing it was probably made prior to the addition of drive encryption and Smartware backup.
Those earlier drives are not supported through QuickView.

That makes sense, but how are you supposed to know if one of the drives is failed and it’s in a degraded state if your running Raid-1?

Well, you didn’t specify what the “Older MyBook” was, if it is a single drive, then there is no RAID to worry about. If it is a dual drive MyBook, it would have had it’s own drive utility software to monitor the RAID health and allow you configure the RAID. You would need to find your model drive on the WD support site, probably under the legacy link and look for your drive and the associated software.

Sorry, I thought I had mentioned that both of the My Book products were Raid-1. It took a little effort to find, but apparently the software I needed was WD Drive Manager. I got it installed and it looks to be working properly. Thanks.