New My Cloud Home 4TB blinking white light when installed

Firstly, I’ve had a 3 TB Gen 1 MyCloud for over 4 years now. It works and has worked flawlessly. I can access the console, configure as needed, have a 4 TB USB hard drive connected to it, etc. Couldn’t be happier.

Just bought a My Cloud Home 4TB from Amazon and connected to my router yesterday. Upon power up, the white light on the front of the unit blinked for an hour and the unit never booted up. So I did a “40 second reset” 15 hours ago and I still have the blinking white light. I suspect this one was DOA when I received it.

The intention was to replace my Raspberry Pi NAS with the My Cloud 4TB unit, but back to Amazon it will go unless I can get it going today.

15 hours seems like a very long time for a reset.




Just a status. Now a flashing white light for 22 hours and no end in sight. Probably a defective unit.

Hi @Karl1,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Yes I did. The 4TB MyCloudHome unit I just got from Amazon would not boot. I had to do a “40 second” reset and had a blinking white light on the front panel for 31 hours! Finally unplugged it and was getting ready to send back to Amazon, but decided to plug it back in and it booted. Up and running right now but nothing like the Gen 1 3 TB unit I have and am disappointed in the new one.

Couple of questions though:

  1. Other than using the smartphone app and Windows app, how can I “talk” to the unit? I mainly use Linux and no way to see it. The Gen 1 unit has firmware built into it that allows it to be accessed via it’s IP address. Can’t do that with this one.

  2. Both Linux and Windows see the drive under their file managers and I have access to the file system. However, when I copied a USB drive to this new unit, it appears to have created another partition I can see only when mapped to Windows. How do I see that with Linux?

  3. How can I back up the contents of this new drive? The 3 TB unit has a Seagate 6TB USB drive connected to it and I routinely mirror the contents of the 3 TB unit to the Seagate drive. I assume the USB port on this new Gen 2 unit is bi-directional.

  4. I bought this new unit assuming it had the same functionality as the older unit. Having to use an external app to administer it is a step backwards. I need a Linux app to be able to fully use this new drive. Is there a debian package available that will allow me to do this?


Karl Heimbach