Wd my cloud home no initial installation possible flashes only

Yesterday I received the wd My cloud home 4 tb. Connected. He did not recognize the memory when installing via mycloud / hello and was slowly flashing (slow flashing). I read you should perform a reset (hold for 60 seconds) now flashes since yesterday noon, the lamp quickly white. Which probably means that the system is restored. But how long does it take? Or does the plate probably have a defect?

There are some widespread connection issues. WD is working on it.

I bought a new 4TB drive yesterday and plugged it in. The light wouldn’t stop flashing when I plugged it in even after leaving it overnight (18 hours total). Today I returned it and got a new one, which has now been flashing for over 2 hours. I suspect I’ll be returning this one tomorrow. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Plugged in to router via Ethernet and AC power. Anybody from WD out there able to help?