New MacBook Pro and New WD 4T Element not compatible


I have a brand new MacBook Pro and bought a brand new 4T WD Elements. It does not show up on desktop when I plug it in, but I do see an external drive when I open disk utility. The external drive is named disk2s1. I select the drive, select erase, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). When it goes to erase a window comes up that says “Erasing ‘disk2s1’ and creating ‘backup’’. Underneath it says"Erase process had failed. Click Done to continue.” Show details dropdown says: "Unmounting disk, MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation and Operation failed…

Any thoughts on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Hi dragonfly48,

Please refer to the link given below for the instruction on how to format the drive in Mac running high Sierra OS.


Thanks for the response. My new MacBook has Thunderbolt ports. I bought a hub to be able to connect to USB devices however the WD 4T was not seen in disk utility so I could not format it. What I ended up doing is connecting the WD drive to my old MacBook that does have USB ports and I was able to format for Mac and the use it with the new MacBook.