New livebook - advice please

Hello all,

I got my 2tb livebook today and have been setting it up tonight. I wonder if someone could give me some guidance on the uses for the livebook I had in mind.

  1. Streaming video to my ps3.

So far using a share I a able to connect to the twonky sever and stream video from the nas box, this seems to work really well.

  1. View photos from my ps3. This is working surprisingly badly given that streaming video works well. From the ps3 it seems to hang loading the thumbnails and is really slow. Is there any config that could help here?

  2. View photos on my iPad. This seems great with wd photo.

  3. Stream video to my iPad. How do I do this?

Many thanks


Well first off I’d recommend ditching the PS3 (at least for streaming) and getting a WD TV - PS3 has a VERY limited number of codecs it supports- you need something more robust unless you are sure your PS3 will play your entire library.

What’s the Xbox 360 like as a media player?  (As you may have guessed I don’t have any consoles. Not even one of those hand-held contraptions.)

Any other thoughts as the ps3 is here to stay? Also last nigh I copied 60gig of photos to the mybook. I can see the copy has finished and I can see in wd2go but I can’t see all the photos wd photos? Do they take a long time to refresh?




about the pictures, please see my reply in your other thread.