Windows Media Player DLNA client for My Book Live?


I purchased the my book live 1 tb yesterday, so not much time to play with it yet. It has the latest firmware on it.

My question is maybe due to the shortcomings on Windows Media Player 12 (on Win 7 Ultimate) rather than the drive or the twonky server. However, I like to use Windows Media Player 12 as a DLNA client in addition to being a server. It picks up the my book twonky shares fine. It seems to display the music and videos (although only copied a couple movies over so far) but has real problems with the photos library. Admittedly I have maybe a couple thousand pics on the photo shares folder. It takes an age to generate the thumbnails and actually double clicking a photo to open is very slow. So does Windows Media Player 12 just plain **bleep** at being a DLNA client? In it’s role as a server it does ok as my PS3 and smart tv pick it up fine along with the Twonky on the My Book Live.

I am inclined to maybe blame windows media player 12 rather than the drive or twonky as it seems to do the same thing on another laptop we have in the household. Also we have an Iomega Home Media Drive NAS where it again struggles with the photos share (also videos missing). Just wondered if someone has some advice?

As far as other things are concered the My Book seems to stream ok thus far to other devices. All the iPhone apps like ‘my photo’ work and the Smart TV picks it up and displays all the music, vids and pictures just fine with thumbnails.

Thanks in advance,


Yup it sounds like Windows Media Player 12 is the one that is struggling with being a client.