New firmware supports 2TB+ arrays -- or just single drives?

Can anyone confirm whether the support for larger hard drives includes arrays like the 4TB and 6TB WD Studio – or does it just refer to single drives over 2TB?

Until Hub support ever gets added, it will depend on how the array is enumerated.

Several drives in one enclosure, showing as several drives, then only the frist one can be read.

If the drives are spanned into a single volume, then it should be supported.

If it’s being accessed over networking, and not by USB, then there never was a limitation on what it could read, as long as the host can read the network drive.

I’m thinking specifically about WD-branded DAS boxes like the Studio 4TB or 6TB.

I looked at the supported devices list, but it doesn’t appear to have been updated since the latest firmware.

I think I remeber them saying that those always worked - the issue was with single HDs greater than 2TB. I could be wrong… but am pretty sure they should work.