Firmware Update for use with JBOD setups?

I was curious if WD will update the Firmware so the Media Player can see 2 hard drives in a JBOD Hard Drive Enclosure connected USB.

Reason for asking is I would like to use the JBOD HD Enclosure I bought w/o having to wipe two 2 TB Hard Drives to make one 4 TB Hard Drive the Media Player could possibly read.

What I am searching for is in the future if it would be possible if the Media Player would be able to see say four 2 TB Hard Drives using two JBOD Hard Drive enclosures with the 2 USB’s provided on the Media Player.

I hope I am in the right area of this forum, if not please advise me to where I should post!

I believe WD has expressed plans for adding support for multiple drive enumeration per USB port for the WDTV Live Hub, but has amended their original plans for adding it to the Live/Live Plus, and have now said this is not planned (despite the volume of requests for it).

You could search for one of the suggestions in the Ideas section, and vote for it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on WD changing their minds… but who knows.

What JBOD HD Enclosure do you have that will allow you to join 2 drives into a JBOD array without wiping the disks first? Never heard of that. JBOD across removeable media (i.e. external USB drives) is well lets say suicidal. I know it can possibly be set up, but if one external drive is removed then you lose everything. Not very practical.

A better option would be to buy a NAS and share your 4Tb that way.

I think the OP was saying that they don’t want to wipe the disks, and thus can’t span them into one volume and can only present them as 2 separate drives.

You are correct if I wanted to connect my Rosewill R2 JBOD with 2 Hard Drives in it I would have to wipe them both so the WD Media Player sees it as only one drive. There in lies the problem since one of my 2 TB Hard Drives is Full and the other is formatted and ready to go!!! I was just curious if WD was going to add the possibility of allowing us using USB connection to see up to 4 drives.

I am on a budget so this is a cheaper route for me…Since I have looked into the server option and at the moment its a bit more expensive and I have already purchased the hard drives and enclosures as I need them!

Thanks for your help & hope this clarifies my question a bit more!