Can't use multiple hard drives

The last upgrade before this one gave me the ability to see both hard drives in my two drive usb bank through only one USB connection to the WD TV.  With this new upgrade I can no longer see or access both of them.  Is there a new setting or trick to turn this back on?

Thanks in advance everybody.

I too would be very interested to understand how to access multiple disk drives.  I have a ProBox (4 drive bay) HD case. This case connects to my PC or to the WD HD Live via USB.   I currently have 2 of 4 bays in use and although Windows 7 sees both drives just fine, my WD HD Live only sees the first of two disks.



I’ve encountered this also. This is a huge turnoff. My setup has consisted of the Gen 1 HD TV, a Cavalry dual bay and two 1TB hdd. After the firmware 1.03 update only one drive is accessable through the bay at a time. I have gone through three firmware updates, loving every minute, and now the roller coaster is slowing down. There were two reason I liked this unit: 1. hdmi; 2. two hdd access per USB. Several individuals on have also brought this issue up.

same here. I have firmware xxx.17

maybe if I will switch back to xxx.11 I will be able to see multiple HDD from the same enclosure?