New firmware release shows inconsistent information of unused space on main dashboard

Hi my drive has 4 Gbytes of space, and it shows 3Tb free, having 680GB videos + 310GB photos + 41GB Music TRacks + 1.4TB Others + Free Space 3 TB (far more than the sum -which is 5.431 GB)

Can I trust this drive? or did it find its way to became a Space-Jedi squeezing the hardware for more than 2 TB

¿anyone can explain me this? (I wanted to attach a screenshot, don’t know how)

Hello there,

In order to upload a picture, there is a upload button which you can click and select the picture you want to show.

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You unit’s behavior is abnormal. Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

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My Unit is a 4Tb and I am sick of WD bugs, too much RMA for me!
This 4TB wdMycloud is a replaced unit, the former did fail also, and I had to wait for more than 6 months to get it replaced, with several awful hiccups like (no, you will not get it replaced in your country Argentina, then ups! yes we will replace it, then ups!.. again no, we are sorry but will not… and finally after I threw away the hope, it arrived some day home bu UPS!.

Let me take a wild guess. You have a USB drive (probably around 2TB) attached to your My Cloud’s USB port as indicated by the active USB icon in your screen capture of the Dashboard. Further I’ll bet you have USB Content Availability set to On in the Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access section.

When one has a USB drive attached to their My Cloud’s USB port and they have USB Content Availability set to On in the Dashboard, the My Cloud combines both drives usage/free space and reports that in the Capacity section on the Dashboard Home section. Don’t want to see the aggregated total? Set USB Content Availability to Off.

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Yes! you have solved my puzzle!

  • It must be this fact, also I just did the math and the numbers coincide
    I send you a big thank you!
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