MyCould Reports Wrong Size

I have a 2TB MyCloud. Apart from all of the other things wrong with it, it USED to say it was a 2TB device. Recently:

  1. Accessing it directly from its /UI/ it reports itself as 36% used, WITH 4.1TB FREE;

  2. Accessing it via it reports itself as a 6TB disk.

Anyone else seen similar? Any explanations? Or is it just “terrible firmware” (again).



Do you have a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud? If so go to the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access and set USB Content Availability to Off. When set to On the My Cloud Dashboard will include the USB hard drive into the total storage space available.


Ah. Yes. A 4TB one. That explains the 6 from but not the 4 from /UI/…