Missing 1TB of free space

I have a 3TB WD My Cloud. I used the web interface to add up the used space by the shares and it is a little less than 2TB. The home tab says I have 1.9GB free. I don’t use backups and I don’t know how to do anything fancy with the unit so I assume this is a normal function of My Cloud. How can determine what is using the space?

Please provide an image of your Dashboard Home tab.

Here is the dashboard.

What is Diagnosis showing when you click on it? See example image below. In your image it shows Warning.

How about WD Quick View? See image below.

“0.1% (Low)”

Hence the warning.

From everything that is showing I would say you have a two TB My Cloud instead of a three TB. How long have you had it and where did you buy it?

If your sure you have a three TB have you tried a shutdown and restart of the My Cloud or a reboot?

Where do you see the total capacity?

Anyway, I found the box and it is indeed 2TB. I’ve had the drive for a long time, and I’m not sure when I decided it was 3TB. When I saw that 2 on the box, I died a little on the inside. Thank you.