How do I see what is taking up my space?

I have an 8TB model, and it says I have 1.3TB of free space, but when I go to Windows Explorer or use Treesize I can’t see where the space is being used. I’m pretty sure I don’t have over 6TB of files on it.

I’ve drilled down into each folder and can’t see any files or folders taking up this much space.

In Treesize the top level says “2.1TB”, but at the bottom it says “Free Space: 1.24TB of 7.06TB”.

I’ve linked to a screenshot -

Treesize screenshot


Hello andyh1,

If you are using My Cloud Home Duo device configure with RAID 1 configuration. In such case, you will get upto 4TB as the usable space in the device.

If it is My Cloud Home deivce, then it is recommended to contact WD Support for such issue. You can refer the link given below to know the WD Support contact details.

Thanks - but that still doesn’t explain why Treesize reports 2.1TB and not 4TB as the total.