How can I find out which files/folders are taking up the most space?


I’m trying to figure out where most of my space is going on my My Cloud Home 8TB.

I’ve tried using jDiskReport, but it doesn’t complete a scan even after 10+ hours (at which point my network connection inexplicably failed, and the scan could not continue) - for reference, a scan of a normal 1TB HDD takes about 5-10 mins, depending on how many files and folders are in there.

I’ve tried checking the properties of the root folders in File Explorer, but this also takes hours upon hours, ultimately slowing to a complete crawl if multiple folders are being looked at.

The My Cloud Home web interface doesn’t give sizes of folders, which is completely useless.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to audit space on this thing?

Are you using File history to backup the data on the drive?

I’m using the built-in tools: the file syncing function that comes with WD Discovery, and plugging in my external drives to copy everything over using the mobile app.